Under its vision of "eliminating barriers to communication through the media," Daum Foundation has brought change in its existing programs and started new ones. To give more opportunities to a larger number of youths to voice their thoughts on the media, Youth Voice's pre-production support program has transformed online completely and is open all-year. Also, the Youth Voice Media Conference was held so that youths could see the media in a new perspective. The Sori Archive program was newly launched to multiply the value of communication through audio, a new form of media, to save digital contents meaningful to society, and to build a social model of web service. Sori Archive is realizing the value of sharing meaningful digital contents and is proving the power of the network by collaborating with a number of organizations.

In addition, in 2007, the foundation has planned a new program to expand the media-related programs to non-profit organizations all over the country. This program, named "Grass Roots Voice Up," operated together with organizations ranging from the civic group, "Citizen's Action Network." and "Action tools – millions of ways to change the world with the Internet" to other grass-roots level organizations acting for the public interest in local communities. This was to develop and distribute media education contents. Also, through the Media & Communication Grants, we have supported non-profit organizations to utilize the new media in various ways.

Finally, Daum Foundation started cultural diversity programs to realize the importance of understanding differences and diversity. It has supported Master's theses concentrating on cultural diversity and launched the Cultural Diversity Grant to build a support system open year round. The new changes and attempts in the year 2007 shows the efforts of Daum Foundation to eliminate barriers to communication through the media. Daum Foundation will continuously endeavor to accomplish its vision and mission.

유스보이스 발표회
2007.2 Youth Voice Exhibition

Youth Voice Exhibition was held during February 2~3, at the Artsonje Center in Seoul. In the works of youth media creators shown in this exhibition, people could see their diverse perspectives and vivid imagination. Youths participated not only in producing the works shown in the exhibit but also in planning, preparing, and organizing the exhibit. Friends, families, expert mentors, and the public interested in youth media works attended the exhibition.

우수팀 필리핀 해외탐방
2007.2 Youth Voice Team of excellence visits the Philippines

From February 16 to 22, members of 'Dream of the Square,' the team selected as the champion, visited the Philippines. Beginning with an orientation of understanding the Philippines, they participated in volunteer work for the media in the Bulacan region, a Manila city tour, a meeting with young Philippine media creators, a Mindoro island tour etc. It was an opportunity to expand their global network and experience.

2007.4 Special Youth Voice Exhibit at the Jeonju Int'l Film Festival Youth

On April 29, at the 8th Jeonju Int'l Film Festival, youths' voices were heard loud and clear. In the Youth Voice Special Exhibit held at the Jeonju Megabox, 7 films about families, North Korean refugees, ego, homosexuality etc. was screened. An audience of 320 youths and foreigners participated in the exhibit and the special event was arranged so they could communicate and discuss the films with the youth directors.

2007.7 Youth Voice Center Workshop

The Youth Voice Center established in 2006 ended its first year and prepared for the programs for the second year. Before preparing for the next year's program, to share the results of the first year programs of each centers, the representatives of each center, supervisor, and research team gathered together. Based on the discussion in this workshop, each center is preparing the programs for the second year.

유스보이스 미디어 컨퍼런스
2007.7 Hosting the Youth Voice Media Conference

From July 30 to August 1, the 2007 Youth Voice Media Conference in which people interested in youth and the media could network was held at the Kobaco training institute. Approximately 230 youths, workshop lecturers, media activists etc. participated in this conference under the theme of 'Over the media, meet the media.' Various media programs including a media workshop, a network party, screenings and discussions of youths' films, and exhibitions and so on were held so that youths without experience regarding the media could readily participate.

유스보이스 사전제작지원
2007.9 Youth Voice Pre-production Support launching

The Youth Voice Pre-production Support program newly reorganized into a year round open program so that any youths can communicate through the media without time or location limits. To give more youths the opportunity, the Youth Voice pre-production support program now proceeds online from planning to submission of media projects. Youths can participate more easily this way. Approximately 40 teams participated in 2007 and 10 teams received pre-production support after judgment and mentoring.

유스보이스 프렌토
2007.11 1st Youth Voice Frientor begin their activities

The 1st Frientors were established to reflect youths' opinions more effectively in Youth Voice by mentoring pre-production teams with eye-level mentoring and planning Youth Voice programs together. Composed of 10 students with original individuality, the 1st Frientors is an active and passionate mentor network of youths interested in the media.


In 2007, Sori Archive has created a new cultural value of sharing information by providing audio files anyone can listen to. These audio files were made by affiliating with providers or directly recording contents of lectures, symposiums, forums, and debates of nonprofit organizations that were not recorded and saved previously.

Currently, in March 2008, Sori Archive is providing roughly 460 audio contents to anyone with the affiliation of about 20 organizations and individuals. Moreover, we co-hosted a lecture on 'one-person radio' with the civic group, We Are Media, to educate individuals on methods to communicate with the world through sounds. Also, through the joint project with the Moonji Cultural Institute Saii, named 'Distinguished Scholar Seminar- the Feast of Intelligence,' we recorded and provided lectures of great masters who built the academic foundation of Korea and achieved academic accomplishments. We aim to deliver the ideology and thoughts of the contemporary intellectuals to future generations. The following is the list of main audio contents provided by Sori Archive in 2007. In addition to the following lectures, music, interviews, dialogs, narrated movies etc. are archived.

e-Mentoring Tortee
이멘토링 또띠

During the year 2007, e-Mentoring Tortee focused on improving its system to coordinate more delicate mentoring programs. Also, in order to foster more participation, we decided to socially donate the program itself and looked for possible recipient organizations. As always, companies, such as Daum, NHN, Metlife etc., actively participated.

e-Mentoring Tortee

Six months has passed since the beginning of e-mentoring for Metlife mentors and mentees. Starting from an offline meeting, they had regular one-to-one dates every month and online meetings every day.

Improving the system and finding donation organizations

For a more stable mentoring service, we improved and repaired the system so that there will be no defects when it is donated to another organization. To induce greater participation, we decided to donate the system and have been looking for a donation organization which will receive and manage the system. The organization to receive Tortee will be announced soon.

Inforturst Awards

The Infortrust Awards is an event in which we receive, judge, and select together with netizens legacies of the Internet that we must preserve among the colossal amount of information which disappears every day. In 2005, the Infortrust Awards was held under the theme of 'Internet culture.' In 2007, the theme was 'we should preserve digital open archives.' The Infortrust Awards is held every other year and will expand its range with a variety of subjects and categories, for example, video clips and images as well as web sites.

'We should preserve digital open archives' - Infortrust Awards held from February 2007 was the second Infortrust Awards event aiming to increase social recognition on the necessity and importance of digital open archives. Supervised by the 'Infortrust Awards organizing committee' and co-sponsored by Daum Communications Corp. and Daum Foundation, 2007 Infortrust Awards had the following groups as supportive organizations; Ministry of Information and Communication, the National Library of Korea, Korean National Commission for UNESCO, KADO(Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity & Protection) and KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency) and as cooperative organizations; IPleft and Creative Commons Korea.

In the 2007 Infortrust Awards from February 1 to 12 online candidate recommendations were received. From February 22 to March 7, award recipients were selected after netizens' evaluation at the Daum Communications campaign web site, http://trust.daum.net/awards2007 and professional judges' assessments.

Among the 132 candidates (the total number of registration was 137 but five were overlapping candidates) registered at the Infortrust Awards – Digital Open Archive, 30 were selected after the first round. There were ten final Infortrust Award recipients with one netizen popularity award. Among the twelve registered ideas on archive construction, one idea was selected after evaluations.

e-Haru 616

The e-Haru 616 campaign was launched to record and storage the ever-changing Internet for at least one day every year on June 16. Although the Internet evolves at a breathtaking pace, the information is not stored, but is vanished. As important information is preserved in libraries or museums, the Internets should also be recorded and stored. The data recorded in the e-Haru 616 campaign will be a valuable resource in the future in showing the Internet culture of our time.

June 2004, within a project called 'One City Story' which was to record the fast-changing city of Seoul for one day in photographs and videos, 24 Daum Communication employees and volunteers recorded that day's Internet. This was named '@2004' and ever since, with the support of KISA(Korea Internet & Security Agency), June 16 was declared as a day to record the Internet and numerous netizens have participated in collecting, saving and exhibiting information on the Internet. The data gathered are donated at the Cyber Internet History Museum managed by KISA.

In 2007, as Infortrust, the e-Haru 616 supervising organization, was officially dismissed, the 3rd e-Haru 616 was organized by the Daum Foundation. With active participation, roughly 1,600 pieces of material about the day on the Internet were collected.

Media & Communications Grants
미디어·커뮤니케이션 기금

Concentrating on the possibility of creating a new value of communication using the media, the 2007 Media & Communication Grants mainly supported related projects. The Grant supported lectures on one-person radio which broadens the opportunity to communicate with the world through sound, distinguished scholar seminars, community radio awards, the Youth Media Activist Union, the Indie Animation Film Festival, and the College Students' Alternative Media Camp. Also, it supported the feminist Meta Blog program which provides new means of communication by utilizing blogs, a new media on spotlight and the second Seoul Bar Camp which increased the IT technologists' interest in the information society.

Cultural Diversity Grants
문화다양성 기금

November 2007, the Cultural Diversity Grants has been founded. To support various projects which can realize the value of cultural diversity at the most necessary timing, we receive applications year-round. The first program to accept support is 'OnAsia.' Organized together with Asia Culture Network and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, this is a program which provides precious works of Asian writers in Korean, English and native languages. We welcome your participation.

Cultural Diversity Master's Thesis Support program
문화다양성 석사논문 지원사업

Daum Foundation supports the research for master's theses by master's degree candidates. In 2007, four master's theses have received support and in terms of subjects, those related to immigrants including immigrant workers, foreign wives in international marriages, North Korean refugees etc. constitute the majority. The most prominent academic background of candidates was anthropology.

  • Lee, Sun-hwa Between fear and coexistence – The response of local residents on the inflow of immigrant workers
  • Kim, Ji-eun 'Foreign wives' on the boundary of adaptation and empowerment – Research on cases of Vietnam marriage immigrants in rural areas
  • Jeong, Sun-ae Female marriage immigrants 'becoming a Korean' and their social membership
  • Jang, Sun-ha North Korean refugee becoming a citizen in the Korean society
  • Grass Roots Voice Up

    From 2007, with a vision and mission to eliminate barriers to communication, Daum Foundation has focused on increasing people's ability to use the media. Especially, we have noticed that grass-roots level organizations who act for public interest throughout our society lack sufficient abilities to utilize the media and communicate effectively. Thus, we planned a project that will help grass roots level organizations and activists to voice their opinions more freely and named it 'Grass Roots Voice Up.' In 2007, the Grass Roots Voice Up project had mainly three programs

    Aciton Tools

    Action Tools provide non-profit organizations the necessary information and knowhow to utilize the media and communicate effectively. There are approximately 170 tips and knowhow on various subjects, such as Internet, blogs, communication, 'informatization,' Internet minds, Web 2.0, etc. Action Tools is jointly managed by a civic group, Citizen's Action Network.

    Grass Roots Meta Blog

    Grass Roots Meta Blog intends to be the community for blogs related with grass-roots level movements. With the technical support from the Daum Foundation, Citizen's Action Network and Eeum, agrass-roots autonomy research center, are jointly operating the Meta Blog. This year, we plan to support them with promotion so that more grass-roots level activists can communicate and share information through the Grass Roots Meta Blog. Upon this opportunity, we have also decided to assist other projects in constructing the feminist meta blog, Jirisan meta blog, and the dobong civic activist organization meta blog.

    Grass Roots Archive

    In the Grass Roots Archive, supported by the Daum Foundation to widely share information on grass-roots level movements, approximately 460 records of related information are archived. In 2008, Daum Foundation plans to contribute so that the archive will provide as a professional grass-root media where live stories and realistic information of activists are communicated in addition to simply archiving information related to grass-roots movements.

    L'Oreal Group Home Support program

    For three years since 2005, Daum Foundation has operated the Group Home Support program with the global cosmetics company, L'Oreal Korea. In 2007, the program's final year, we operated programs such as L'Oreal Love day, supporting individual Group Homes, developing operation manuals for Group Homes, and so on.

    L'Oreal Love day

    March 2, 2007, Group Home staffs and children who received support through this program visited L'Oreal Korea. This visit was to encourage the teachers and let the children play with excitement. At this visit, L'Oreal employees who had been secretly celebrating the Group Home children's birthdays in the 'Daddy Long-legs' volunteer activities could have a warm meeting with the children.

    개별 그룹홈 지원사업
    Support Individual Group Homes

    April 24, 2007, the financial support delivery event for the Group Home was held with the attendance of Klaus Fassbender, CEO of L'Oreal Korea and Park, Gyung-ja, the president of the council for the Group Home. Financial support was delivered to the following six group homes - Didimter, Dandelion Group Home, Sarang Saemteo, Saenaluri House, Andrea's House, Hanul's House - and another seven shelters including the Korea Council of Grouphomes for Children and Youth (KGCY).

    그룹홈 운영 매뉴얼 개발
    Develop Operation manuals for Group Homes

    April 24, 2007, the financial support delivery event for the Group Home was held with the attendance of Klaus Fassbender, CEO of L'Oreal Korea and Park, Gyung-ja, the president of the council for the Group Home. Financial support was delivered to the following six group homes - Didimter, Dandelion Group Home, Sarang Saemteo, Saenaluri House, Andrea's House, Hanul's House - and another seven shelters including the Korea Council of Grouphomes for Children and Youth (KGCY).