유스보이스 센터
Youth Voice

Youth Voice provides financial and equipment support for creative youth media production, to enable youths to take the initiative to proactively produce media. Grants are provided for media production and various media education and mentoring. Outstanding teams are awarded with internships and overseas field trips, among other new experiences.

e-mentoring Tortee

'Tortee' is an online mentoring program (e-Mentoring), in which business employees and executives participate. e-Mentors, the employees and executives of companies and e-Mentees, or youths, form one-on-one relationships and steadily communicate via the 'Tortee' web site. Through that, youths learn life skills needed for interpersonal relations and other relevant skills needed to function as members of society.

L'Oreal group Supported Programs
로레알 그룹홈 지원사업

The 'L'Oreal Group Home Program" is a joint initiative by L'Oreal and Daum Foundation. The "L'Oreal Group Home Program" was established to support the alternative family, Group Home, and address the difficulties of its members. Group Home is a residence for abused, abandoned children/juveniles or children/juveniles who cannot live with their parents due to financial problems or due to break-up of their families. About 5 to 10 children/juveniles live together in a Group Home.그룹홈 지원사업은 로레알과 다음세대재단이 소중한 가정 '그룹홈'을 돕고 어려움을 나누기 위해 함께 진행하는 사업입니다. 그룹홈은 가정해체, 학대, 방임, 경제적 어려움 등으로 가정에서 보호받지 못하는 아동, 청소년들 5~10명이 작은 공동체를 이루며 함께 살아가는 곳입니다.

Youth & Media Grant
청소년과 미디어 기금

The Youth & Media Grant seeks to expand opportunities for youths who wish to express themselves and communicate freely through media, by supporting and seeking out diverse projects that can contribute to the wiser use of media.

Projects Awarded Grants by Daum Foundation
다음세대 지원사업

Daum Foundation awarded grants to the projects below in 2005 to disseminate the network society and the value of healthy communication. We have supported information culture, cultural diversity and non-profit projects, information, children/youths excluded from culture and media/communication training whatwedo for relevant workers, and research into alternative education content.

Daum Foundation Media Writer's Award
미디어 작가상

This project encourages creative visual code and to experiment with new visual genres. By discovering and supporting writers as proactive culture producers, the project targets developing alternative visual cultures.

Eharu 616

The EHARU616 Campaign was launched with the objective of mobilizing Internet users to record and capture information that flows rapidly throughout the Internet in a state of constant flux on June 16 each year, if only on that day. The Internet evolves at breathtaking pace, but the information there disappears, without being preserved. We believe that the Internet should be recorded and preserved, as do museums and libraries. The information documented through the EHARU616 Campaign will become valuable resources for future generations to get a glimpse of an aspect of the past Internet culture.

Infortrust Awards
정보트러스트 어워드

The Infortrust Web Awards are designed to collect, evaluate and choose, with the help of Internet users, Internet heritages worthy of preservation from among online information that disappears. In 2005, the Awards were limited to 3 major categories in technology, Internet culture and sociopolitical/civic activism, and 18 sub-categories. The coverage is scheduled to be expanded and diversified to include video, images, etc.

IT Culture Grant
정보트러스트 운동

The Daum Foundation operates the IT Culture Grant to disseminate the value of the IT network. The Grant provides assistance to non-profit projects and research that have as objectives maximization of the positive potential of informatization and networking, as well as minimizing negative impact.

Infortrust Movement
정보트러스트 운동

The Infortrust Movement is to "restore digital information disappearing from the Internet, make public online information and knowledge worth preservation through voluntary participation and fundraising by citizens.' Participants in the Movement, which has been in place since 2002 by the Daum Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Solidarity, the Cyber Culture Research Institute, the Information Sharing Solidarity, the Progressive Network Center and the Civic Action Group.

Internet Archive Workshop

The Internet Archive Workshop, co-hosted by the Daum Foundation and the Internet Association of Korea, was the first step towards the establishment of a Korean as well as a global Internet archive. It was designed to discuss cases of overseas Internet archives and open content license, and reach a social consensus on the necessity of the Internet archive.

Cultural Diversity Grants
문화다양성 기금

Cultural Diversity Grant is awarded to research projects and whatwedo. Research projects include Master's theses on cultural diversity, while whatwedo include those for empowerment of the minority, that enable expansion of the scope of cultural diversity and understanding of different cultures, and translation and creation of works to promote understanding of cultural diversity.