Culture Upgrade Project

The project to upgrade culture is to awaken the next ('daum') generation, especially children and youths who are excluded from cultural benefits. The project aims at fostering 'cultural competence' to enable such marginalized youths to communicate, as well as improving the overall cultural competence of society.

Dream Flash

Dream Flash is a project to 'make dreams' to help youths design and realize their dreams and visions We plan to provide specific, practical information for various jobs that will form the future of youths. Also, we wish to provide opportunities to communicate the values relevant to life and work through meetings on-and off-line with those already in the line of work


Youth Voice provides financial and equipment support for creative youth media production, to enable youths to take the initiative to proactively produce media. Grants are provided for media production and various media education and mentoring. Outstanding teams are awarded with internships and overseas field trips, among other new experiences.

2005 Overseas training for officials of organizations that support foreign workers
외국인노동자 지원단체 실무자 해외연수

In 2005, 11 officials of organizations that support foreign workers had the opportunity of overseas training in Mongolia, Vietnam and Indonesia to experience first-hand local culture and life, and met with foreign workers who had returned to their home country.

e-mentoring Tortee
이멘토링 또띠

'Tortee' is an online mentoring program (e-Mentoring), in which business employees and executives participate. e-Mentors, the employees and executives of companies and e-Mentees, or youths, form one-on-one relationships and steadily communicate via the 'Tortee' web site. Through that, youths learn life skills needed for interpersonal relations and other relevant skills needed to function as members of society.

IT Culture Grant

The Daum Foundation operates the IT Culture Grant to disseminate the value of the IT network. The Grant provides assistance to non-profit projects and research that have as objectives maximization of the positive potential of informatization and networking, as well as minimizing negative impact.

Infortrust Movement

The Infortrust Movement is to "restore digital information disappearing from the Internet, make public online information and knowledge worth preservation through voluntary participation and fundraising by citizens.' Participants in the Movement, which has been in place since 2002 by the Daum Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Solidarity, the Cyber Culture Research Institute, the Information Sharing Solidarity, the Progressive Network Center and the Civic Action Group.

L'Oreal Group Home Supported Programs
로레알 그룹홈 지원사업

The 'L'Oreal Group Home Program" is a joint initiative by L'Oreal and Daum Foundation. The "L'Oreal Group Home Program" was established to support the alternative family, Group Home, and address the difficulties of its members. Group Home is a residence for abused, abandoned children/juveniles or children/juveniles who cannot live with their parents due to financial problems or due to break-up of their families. About 5 to 10 children/juveniles live together in a Group Home.