Youth Voice provides financial and equipment support for creative youth media production, to enable youths to take the initiative to proactively produce media. Grants are provided for media production and various media education and mentoring. Outstanding teams are awarded with internships and overseas field trips, among other new experiences.

Video Letter to Separated Families
이산가족 영상편지 제작

'Video Letter to Separated Families', whose production is financed by the Daum Foundation and whose program is hosted by author Shim Hyang Jin, serves as a communication channel that delivers a video message from people living in South Korea to their war- separated families in the North.

Opening of a Community Website for the Disabled

The opening of a community website for the disabled, with a focus on dedicated facilities, was financed by the Daum Foundation and carried out by the Citizens' Solidarity to Promote Dedicated Facilities for the Disabled. The website helps enable users to find a wide range of dedicated facilities for the handicapped by region and facility.

Publication of English Books and Development of Websites on Human Rights Protection in Information Society
정보인권 영문교재 출판 및 홈페이지 개발

The Daum Foundation provides financial assistance for the publication of English books and development of Web sites on human rights in the Information society, which was managed by the Progressive Network Center. The concept of 'human rights in the information society' was documented in a textbook format, and then published on the website in English.

1st Next Generation Forum
제1회 Next Generation Forum

The 1st Next Generation Forum, co-hosted by the Daum Foundation, APNG KR, and the NGF team of the Yonsei Univeristy Youth Culture Center, was designed to surpass the boundaries between humanities and technology/engineering, and to serve as a platform for field experts and the youth to share their opinions on important issues and policies regarding the online world in Korea, changes in which are gaining increasing momentum.

Establishment of a DB for politicians from Gwangju, and South Jeolla Province
광주,전남 정치인 DB 사이트 구축사업

With financial assistance from the Daum Foundation, a DB of politicians from Gwangju and South Jeolla Province was built by the Participatory Autonomy Forum for 21st Century. The online DB was established to enable easier search of information on politicians-National Assemblymen, mayors, provincial governors-and local council members and their activities.

Infortrust Movement

The Infortrust Movement is to "restore digital information disappearing from the Internet, make public online information and knowledge worth preservation through voluntary participation and fundraising by citizens.' Participants in the Movement, which has been in place since 2002 by the Daum Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Solidarity, the Cyber Culture Research Institute, the Information Sharing Solidarity, the Progressive Network Center and the Civic Action Group.

2nd Shift U Video Contest'Same Bed, Different Dreams
제2회 Shift U 영상전 동상이몽

'The 2nd Shift U Video Contest', organized by the students in Mass Communications Department of JoongAng University and sponsored by the Daum Foundation, is an event where a variety of video productions, such as VJ programs, produced by high school and university students are presented, shown and awarded.

3rd and 4th APNG Camps
제3,4회 APNG Camp

The APNG Camp, hosted by APNG Korea and sponsored by the Daum Foundation, was launched by the Asia Pacific Networking Group with the mission to foster Internet leaders among the next generation in Asia.

Online Forum a
온라인 포럼a

The Daum Foundation finances 'Online Forum a', an alternative fine arts webzine that contains a variety of content such as columns, reviews, criticism, interviews, sensational pieces, overseas art, and institutions/policies of fine arts.