Energetic Media Art Exhibition/ Energetic Video Exhibition/ Exciting Theater/ Exciting Gallery

The Energetic Institute, established to promote cultural energy of citizens who are worn out with their everyday lives, provides a cultural environment for citizens to enjoy video, audio, and music. The Daum Foundation has sponsored 4 programs managed by the Institute as below.


Youth Voice provides financial and equipment support for creative youth media production, to enable youths to take the initiative to proactively produce media. Grants are provided for media production and various media education and mentoring. Outstanding teams are awarded with internships and overseas field trips, among other new experiences.

iTer to Narrow Digital Divide

The iTer project is to narrow the digital divide among youth and empower them with specialized skills for computers and skills for living, to enable them to proactively adjust to the knowledge-based information society in the 21st century. The project was initiated at the digital centers of 4 welfare facilities across Korea. Over 100 students every month, or over 3,600 students for 3 years, benefited from computer education.

Manual Production to Promote Youth Theatrical Activities
청소년 연극활동 활성화를 위한 매뉴얼 제작 지원

Daum Foundation produced and published a manual to coach youth to plan theatrical festivals and take part in theatrical activities, which was initiated by 'Poom' Youth Cultural Community

Overseas NGO Information Networking Project

The Overseas NGO Information Networking Project, carried out by the Civic Action Group and financed by the Daum Foundation, is to build a website to open a 'global civic activism information channel' that enables Internet users to search information on each overseas NGO and its activities.

Media Education Project for Young Leaders

'The Media Education Project for Young Leaders' is a project that opened 16 media education classes for the youth and developed related materials based on understanding of the youth culture and mentality. It was overseen by Maebius and assisted by the Daum Foundation.

Overseas Exchanges to Form Asia Fringe Network

The Overseas Exchanges to Form an Asia Fringe Network, hosted by the Seoul Fringe Network and financed by the Daum Foundation, served as an opportunity to bring together pioneers of the cultural/art communities in Asia to hold performances, academic events and workshops to strengthen their solidarity.

Campaign to protect the rights of part-time job youths'Hurray for Part Time Work!'
힘내라! 알바

Daum Foundation supported a campaign to protect the rights of working youth waged by the People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy. The project helped youth part-time workers, who are disadvantaged due to shortage of social safety nets, to seek their own alternatives and create agendas.